The ELITE Harness System

Shock-Wire RCA's

True quality at the right price !

OG Under-hood Fuse Holder mounts

The Lair !

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LLJ Automotive Amp Rack's

Before the Automotive Amp Rack, MDF and Expanded PVC,Starbored was considered "Quality or easy to install".🙄 We disagreed

Worlds Only ANC bypass developers and manufacturers😎

Never drop a headliner again or wonder if you disconnected all the microphones . Our ANC harnesses install in seconds and keep sub rummble away.

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All Elite product lines are now only available via (CWHBP). A free consultation must take place before ordering. We are limiting the number of orders per month to both help lower the back log that exists and then maintain it. Lead times are a thing of the past. Please email or schedule a call. Thank You

Elite Harness System

OEM Factory integration has never been so easy. By taking our OEM Loopback harness and combining it with our T-Harness, we have created our patented connection design, The Elite harness system (EHS).

This design lets you go from a T-harness, when starting with only a subwoofer to a Loopback Harness, for when you upgrade the doors & dash by easily switching out the accessory. You can also take that equipment from one vehicle to another by a simple switch of the Base Connector.

You can even expand into our S.I.K and Rattler kits without wasting time or money.

The original Automotive Amp Rack

GM Automotive Amp Racks

Ford Automotive Amp Racks

RAM Automotive Amp Racks

Ready2Go Sub T-harness (R2G)

Our Ready2Go harnesses for adding a sub, is a flashback to our original T-harness where we replaced the LP7-2/2r for the top of the line LOC's made by Wāvtech.

If you're looking to add a subwoofer to your vehicles factory system, this is the harness for you. Have bass rolloff or popping after your vehicle is off? The LINK line has you covered.

What is Covered by LLJ's 5 Year Warranty?

Everything that is LLJ, Shock-Wire, Wāvtech.

ANC Bypasses

Our bypasses keep you Factory AF!😎

Ford | Lincoln ANC Solutions

Our Ford ANC bypass harness plugs in at the radio module and bypass the ANC microphones to prevent feedback from your subwoofers. You can also use a Forscan to disable your ANC.

JEEP | RAM ANC Solutions

Our 2nd best sold ANC bypass since 2018. This little guy will help you fix that pesky ANC the dealership says they cant fix. 🙄 20000% plug and play.

GM | GMC | Cadillac ANC Solutions

Have Bose... yea a lot of us make that mistake too. ANC bypasses that plug in at the amp or HMI to disable the factory ANC microphones.

In Phoenix, AZ? So Are we

All of our products are designed, tested, and manufactured here in the very hot Phoenix, AZ USA.

The Elite Harness System Explained

The last integration harness you will ever need!

Expensive doesn't mean quality

2014-2023 Chevy/GMC OEM Speaker door adapter Kit 8 inch (Pair)

$65 USD
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