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Our Bose Amp harness is designed to work with a variety of GM/Cadillac vehicles from a Silverado, Escalade, Sierra and any GM vehicle with the factory Bose amp, including Cadillac and Buick. It comes available in both style of harnesses, a T-Harness and a Loopback Harness. If you are planning on adding a sub to your Sierra we offer our T-Harness. You can add an LOC unit, like a Wavtech LinkDQ, for a full plug and play set up.

If you’d like to amplify your doors or add multiple amps to your Silverado we offer our Loopback Harness. This was designed to allow you to keep using the factory wiring, NO cutting, NO splicing. Add an amp quick and simple without ruining your vehicles wiring or voiding your warranty.


150% Plug and Play
  • Some Bose amps have a GRAY connector instead of a BLACK connector. This harness will still work with your gray connector. It will have an offset tab, we will cut one of the tabs on our harness to fit your vehicle. If your harness has both side tabs please note the LEFT tab needs to be trimmed. 
  • Harness ordered with an LOC/Processor includes a remote turn on cable. 

Looking to add a sub? Keep the install simple with your Bose T-Harness:
  • The Bose T-Harness will plug in at the Bose amp
- In a truck at may be behind the rear seat
- In a car/sedan it may be under the center console next to the gas pedal or in the trunk.
  • The LOC that was ordered with your harness, or your own you attached, will provide RCA out and Remote turn on.
- Run your RCA wires from the output on the LOC to the RCA input on your mono amp.

- Run your remote turn on wire (blue wire) from the LOC unit to the mono amp.
  • Lastly run your power wire to your amp from the battery and a ground wire within 18 inches or shorter.
- The chimes are not affected in any way when adding subs.

All done! 

5 year LLJ Customs warranty badgeInstallation Video

Our harness throughout the years has evolved into what we call, and are currently in the process of patenting, our Elite Series Harness. This option is an all-in-on solution for the ultimate DIY’er.. After 7 years, developing our own wire and combining LOC’s, processors, DSP’s and companies like Audio Control and Rockford Fosgate, who offer amplifiers with a high level input signal. By combining these top shelf solutions for the 12V market you can get an entire system upgrade at the same price of a factory head unit upgrade alone.

  When choosing an LOC it is important to know if one is even needed. Especially if you already have your own equipment. Look at what the parameters of that equipment are and if the amp takes a high level. For example some mono-amp’s cant take above 5V of signal input. When using a Wavtech Link2 or an Audio Control LC2i Pro you want to verify the signal output does not exceed what the amp can take.

 It is recommended to verify if the vehicle has Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) before placing an order. You can do so by checking for the microphones in the headliner, above the rear seat. With aftermarket subs or speakers the ANC microphones create a feedback. To avoid the humming or “pop-like” sound from happening we offer our Bose ANC Bypass. This plugs into the Bose amp as the diagram in the pictures will show.

This unit will work with all GM vehicles Equipped with a BOSE OEM amplified system from 2014-2021. Including:


  • Encore 2017-2019
  • Enclave 2018-2018
  • Envision 2016-2018
  • Lacrosse 2014-2018
  • Regal 2014-2018
  • Blazer 2019-2021
  • Camaro 2016-2019
  • Cheyenne 2014-2019
  • Colorado 2015-2020
  • Corvette 2014-2020
  • Cruze 2016-2018
  • Equinox 2015-2019(2012-2015 with pioneer system)
  • Impala 2014-2021
  • Malibu 2016-2021
  • Suburban 2015-2021
  • Silverado 2014-2022
  • Traverse 2018-2021
  • Tahoe 2015-2020
  • Volt 2016-2019
  • Acadia 2017-2021
  • Canyon 2015-2019
  • Sierra 2014-2021
  • Terrain 2018-2021
  • Yukon 2015-2021


  • Escalade 2015-2019
  • CT6 2016-2020
  • CTS 2014-2019
  • XT5 2017-2019
  • XTS 2013-2017
  • SRX 2013-2016

**T-Harnesses currently have a 2 week lead time. Loopback Harness currently have a 15 business day lead time. **
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Understanding the LLJ Elite System:

The Elite T-Harness allows you to add an aftermarket mono amp/subwoofers while retaining all the features in your vehicle like the Bluetooth, Steering Wheel Controls and OnStar. You are able to build and customize your harness to your preferences and needs; like the length of the harness or adding an LOC unit of your choice. We offer a variety of choices like an Audio Control LC2i Pro, a Link2 or LinkDQ from Wavtech for when you are just adding a subwoofer/s. With an LOC added to the harness you are getting a full plug and play set up; with the harness providing signal and the LOC unit providing RCA out and remote turn on to your amp. By offering our customers the option to customize their harness we also offer the option to use your own LOC unit, you are not limited to using the units we offer. Every harness ordered without an LOC unit will come with a color card to help you wire your own equipment. The harness (with no unit) will come as a 4 channel, allowing you to use either a 2 channel, 4 channel or 6 channel DSP or processor. This T-harness is not only for a mono amp/subwoofer install, you are also able to use this harness if you are planning on replacing your door speakers or installing full system and are planning on running your own wire back to the speakers. It can be purchased with a processor like an Audio Control LC7i or a Link6 from Wavtech, these are 6 channel processors. You also have the option of using a DSP like a DSR1 from Rockford Fosgate or a DM-608 from Audio Control. For a simple, quick and clean full system set up, without the need to run your own wire we offer our Elite Loopback Harness. LLJ Customs is the creator of the OEM Loopback Harness. When the company first began what is now known as the T-Harness and Loop Harness were not a definitive plug and play option available. What was typically found was wiring that needed modifications to the physical harness and add on’s that were not offered. Frustrated with the lack of options available, the extensive research needed and lack of help from audio shops we created something that would help others add new speakers, new amplifiers, new subwoofers and keep everything looking and functioning as factory. The Loopback Harness comes with 2 ends, a signal side and a return side. The signal side will feed into a 4+ channel amp that takes a high level or a processor and returns (or loops back) that amplified signal directly from the output on the amp, to the speaker locations using the factory wiring. This is ideal if you are simply adding an amp to speakers or if you want to add multiple amps and go all out with a complete new system. Our harness grants you the access of your already available and paid for factory wiring. The Loop Harness provides all of this in one consolidated product. It provides the signal, the return and it also provides power up to 10amps for most processor and DSP’s. This means you are only running 2 things, the Loop Harness from the source and the power wire from your battery. In some cars this is especially beneficial as sometimes they have the signal source (radio or factory amplifier) in the trunk along with the battery.

Best Active Line Output Converter (LOC) :

The best Loc you can get is one that offers the features you NEED at a price that makes sence for what you get. Hands down the best LOC on the market is the Bassrestore from Wavtech! This magic box has everything an LOC should be with the fetures that matter.

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How your signal is delivered Matters !

Audiophile quality signal built with the highest quality materials at the best price! Zero to no resistance means les heat and a better signal.

What Is High Level or Low level?

High level : AKA Speaker level is an amp that can handle an input voltage of 8-40v. This high output is common in factory amplified vehicles or where the
max voltage of a head unit is more then 10v. This is normally identified by a pigtail connection point or via the RCA on the amplifier (must check user manual to verify.) Some amps have a switch for this. NOT all amps have this future.

Low Level : is 0-8v of signal voltage. This is most commonly found inaftermarket head units. or other aftermarket units that use can-bus. Most passive LOC units output 0-5v so they are considered a low level and are normally RCA to RCA. Modern day ACTIVE LOC units can output 0-10v of signal.

In conclusion an LOC works as an in line filter that lest you control the signal, its intercity and in some cases the playable frequency range.

If your amp takes a high level and it is within the vehicles factory output range then you dont need an loc unit and can wire in and out of your amp
directly. In some fords the signal can be flattened at the OB2 furthering the simplification of the installation.

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