LLJ Elite Buy Back Program (EBBP)

LLJ Buy Back Program for our Elite Series Harnesses
This program is built with our customers in mind and a great reason to make us your one stop shop. Its a fact that a high percentage of us don't keep the same vehicle all our lives. Either you buy a new vehicle because the miles are adding up or you prefer to lease your ride. We designed our harnesses to last a life time! No point in offering a 5 year warranty you can't cash in on; so we created The Elite Buy Back Program.
   This program offers you the opportunity to sell us back your BASE Connector for a percentage of what you payed in store credit that can be used exclusively towards your new BASE Connector. This allows the re-use of your equipment in your new vehicle keeping that OEM Warranty in place. 


How it works

When you make a purchase with us you automatically get a 5 year warranty on your order. However, the warranty does NOT cover if you change vehicles. This is where the Elite Buy Back Program comes in handy! We offer this in 2 year increments.


What's the catch:

  • The BASE Elite Harness HAS TO BE in full good working condition
  • Not modified or altered 
  • Has to be approved by us  


What is the approval process?

  1. Send us an email or text with your order number and let us know it's time to upgrade.
  2. We will ask for pictures of the harness. If it looks good then we will provide you with the address to ship it to us for final testing.
  3. Once everything is checked you will be notified and given a discount code to use in the purchase of your new Base Adapter.


Sounds great, but what if you don't have the adapter I need

  1. A refund for 50% back on your EBBP payment.
  2. Or if we do have the harness you need in the works we will let you know and you can make a decision on how to proceed.


Need to know

This program is Exclusive to the BASE connector and NOT any other part or device that was/is purchased at the time of the original order. Customer must have the Email and Order number that is on the original order, so save our purchase confirmation email or print it out and place it in the glovebox.  


**Purchase With Base harness**

There will be an option to purchase this program in the harness options above the Vehicle year, make and model type box.