Elite System Overview

The benefits of having a future proof system and how you can make the most out of your LLJ Elite Harness.

Please read ALL the information below

The following are the steps to building out your Elite harness system.
Step 1

Selecting the correct BASE CONNECTOR- BC

Select the BASE CONNECTOR that you need for your vehicle. If you have a factory amplifier like BOSE, SONY or B&O please choose the base connector for that system. Since the base connector is detachable from the rest of the system it means you can invest in your audio equipment and know that you can take it with you to your new ride all you need is the new (BC). If you have any questions please reach out to us. Thank you

Step 2

Selecting accessory-ETA , ELA or S.I.K Kit

Depending on your project you may need a T-Harness style accessory or a Loopback style accessory. Not sure which one you need? The T-Harness provides ONLY SIGNAL along with 12v +/- and the Loopback provides SIGNAL with 12v +/- and the RETURN side back to the factory speaker locations. Our S.I.K kits are the ultimate plug and play solution on the market Not just bc we invented the platform but because we dont over sell you parts you dont need. Plug-in, run power and tune and enjoy.

Step 3

Selecting the accessorys length

Keep in mind that you can always start with a T-harness and go to a Loop or use the Loopback as a T-harness until you're ready to expand your system. The Accessory Length is the over all length of the harness so you will need to know where you are mounting your equipment and where the Harness will be connected. You can always run a string in the path you want to take and then measure it. Give yourself wire to work with.

Step 4

Selecting Harness Termination

The last last option available will be WHAT you want at the end on your harness. A variety of options are available. If you already have your own unit we offer bare wire ends, RCA end or Wire ferrules. However if you dont have a unit, dont worry for each type of harness we will have units available that have the features, playable frequency range and outputs for your project . LLJ DOES NOT Favor brands. We sell based on Performance, Delivery, Durability and fair pricing.

Base Connectors

-Interchangable across multiple Car Manufactures

-Resale Value

-Price Range $55.00-$75.00

-5 Year Warranty

-Eligible for our EBBP program

-Proudly Designed and Built in Phoenix, AZ USA

After selecting your BC you can select your Accessory and Termination type.

Elite T-harness Accessory Options-ETA

-Must Have a Base Connector to use this Accessory (BC)

The question is always what is the difference between the T-harness and the Loopback and the simple answer is, the T-harness is ideal for adding a Subwoofer only/mono amp or in a situation where you plan to run your own wires from the aftermarket amp to your new speakers. More information in the next page.

Elite LoopBack Accessory Options-ELA

-Must Have a Base Connector to use this Accessory

Our Loopback is simply the best option for any installation. Not just do you get the SIGNAL from the factory source unit but it also comes with 12v DC +/- to power your LOC or DSP. It also have a RETURN side that feeds from your aftermarket amps output, back to the factory speaker locations via the factory wires. The Loopback can also be tied together at the end, Closing the loop in essence making a T-harness so you can start small and grow without needing to buy more.

Elite GX:500 S.I.K Options

Our S.I.K kits were the first of their kind to ever exists in the 12volt market. A solution long needed but never provided, you need new speaker wire was always the answer. That's no longer true. Increase the output and performance of your factory system in under 30 minutes. Our design places the aftermarket amplifier in the middle of your Elite Harness System.

Take the factory signal modify, tune, amplify and right back to the factory speaker locations. The amps we provide as a choice, we have used over the years and know they will work well in the particular function. Meaning all you have to do is plug in connect power and enjoy. Furthermore if you want to add an amplifier for subs we offer the option to add an Active LOC to your harness for future integration. Check out more below.

-Most Have a Base Connector to use this Accessory