When it comes to adding aftermarket equipment in todays modern rides you will come across ANC or Active Noise Cancelation. This is the process of introducing antiphase to the interior of the cab in an attempt to combat ambient road noise or wind noise. The main problem comes from adding low bass frequencies into your vehicle, that the ANC will pick up on. Our ANC bypass lets you wire in directly to the ANC module in the vehicle and disable the active noise cancelation microphones, thus bypassing the factory ANC. By bypassing the ANC in the vehicle you can go about your installation without having any feedback in your speakers.
 Failing to bypass your factory ANC will lead to a droning or "engine" noise into your audio system. If bypassing the ANC with a bypass is not an option then cutting the wires will also work! In most cases the ANC microphones will be pinned next to data wires so please make sure you have the correct pinout.
 LLJ customs is the world's biggest designer and manufacturer of ANC bypass harnesses. Like all of our products, we aim to provide a quick and true solution. Some companies, in an attempt to steal our ideas, have decided to upcharge and to provide a product that does work correctly. Our harnesses are true to the fitment and in what they bypass. No unwanted surprises. If you have questions please reach out to us.
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2018-2023 Jeep | Dodge |RAM ANC bypass harness
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LLJ ANC Bypass