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  When it comes to adding aftermarket equipment in todays modern rides you will come across ANC or Active Noise Cancelation. This is the process of introducing antiphase to the interior of the cab in an attempt to combat ambient road noise or wind noise. The main problem comes from adding low bass frequencies into your vehicle, that the ANC will pick up on. Our ANC bypass lets you wire in directly to the ANC module in the vehicle and disable the active noise cancelation microphones, thus bypassing the factory ANC. By bypassing the ANC in the vehicle you can go about your installation without having any feedback in your speakers.
 Failing to bypass your factory ANC will lead to a droning or "engine" noise into your audio system. If bypassing the ANC with a bypass is not an option then cutting the wires will also work! In most cases the ANC microphones will be pinned next to data wires so please make sure you have the correct pinout.
 LLJ customs is the world's biggest designer and manufacturer of ANC bypass harnesses. Like all of our products, we aim to provide a quick and true solution. Some companies, in an attempt to steal our ideas, have decided to upcharge and to provide a product that does work correctly. Our harnesses are true to the fitment and in what they bypass. No unwanted surprises. If you have questions please reach out to us.
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2018-2023 Jeep | Dodge |RAM ANC bypass harness
2018-2023 Jeep | Dodge |RAM ANC bypass harness
2018-2023 Jeep | Dodge |RAM ANC bypass harness
$14 USD

What is the Elite System ?

Our Elite Harness system is a type of harness that combines our OEM Loopback Harness with the T-Harness, and lets you build it based on your needs. The best part is the base connector is interchangeable, so when you change cars you can take your equipment and harness with you.

The Elite T-harness style is best used for 2 reasons:

1. You’re just adding subs (2-channel /mono amplifier) or

2. You have a bunch of free time to run wires and extra cash to spend on new speaker wire, rather than using what is already in the vehicle.

Adding a mono amplifier for subwoofers means just that MONO or single. The idea behind this is that you generate “1 channel” from the Left and Right side of the vehicle. Why is this important? That’s simple, some music is recorded to have select frequencies that play on the left, that DON’T play on the right. If you want to get the full experience, a center signal is best. Tapping into just 1 speaker is not the answer and you’re only sabotaging yourself.

Ok great so you have a sub and it sounds amazing! Hold on a sec!.. Where are the vocals, they sound dead? This is the situation for 8 out of 10 customers. In most situations you’re stuck buying ALL new equipment to add a 4-channel amplifier for the doors.

Enter the Elite LoopBack System! This style is unique and offers freedoms that absolutely NO OTHER system or integration harness offers. Top functions are:

1. It provides all available signal wires to you directly from the OEM source. This is called High Level.

2. It then takes the amplified signal from the aftermarket system and takes it back through the factory wires to the OEM speaker locations. Our Wire is 100% OFC Copper, 300V Fire resistant, balanced wire.

3. Electro Magnetic Interference protected twisted pair. Our system doesn’t just make your installation fast and simplifies the process, it saves you money on overpriced RCA and speaker wire you just don’t need.

4. The harness will handle 225 Watts RMS (It is the square root of the time average of the voltage squared. AKA Alternating Current or AC+/-. (Keep in mind that anything involving the signal & audio is measured with AC not DC)

5. It provides power and ground to run a small DSP or processor like a Link4, LC2i Pro, etc.

6. It also provides the opportunity to use it to run a Link2 or BassRestor as a 2 channel. Once you are ready for the full system you can easily add an amplifier that takes high level in or add an LC7i and run whatever amps you already have. In reality, for the price, you can’t beat the functions or options of our Elite Harness System.

7. 5 Year Warranty!

The Elite System is the future of car audio; everyone else is just behind or trying to squeeze you dry. Our kits use only the best in materials and are built by hand here in Arizona, USA! From our rip stop loom to the high temp, water proof shrink tube, to the Factory OEM TESA tape to keep our OFC fire resistant wire looking factory. The modular design of this harness lets you spend more time enjoying your system than installing it!

Do it right, Do it fast, Do it the LLJ way.

What is ANC ?

Active-noise-control(ANC) technology takes advantage of the vehicle's audio system to diminish unwanted noise generated by the engine. To reduce that noise, engineers use active acoustic control or ANC to generate noise-cancellation signals, which are played on loudspeakers in the car's cabin. If this signal is processed by the aftermarket amp you will hear rumbling when engine is revving up or your subwoofers are picked up by the ANC microphones. In this situation the ANC must be bypassed.

Elite System Explained