Adding aftermarket amplifiers to your factory amplifier

Below we have a few more diagrams of different situations and how you would use our Elite Harness systems (copied by Pac, Metra , Audison, and focal) in conjunction to your aftermarket equipment. Gone are the days of pulling your own speaker wire and half ass plugNplay solutions. Can-bus is not the future, our products are.

LLJ Customs speaker wire color code

If you have a Loopback Harness (diagram below) you will have a BLUE colored shrink tube bundle that will have the signal side. The other side will have a BLACK shrink tube. This is the return side back to the OEM speaker locations.

LLJ Elite Loopback Harness high level into Link300.4

The Elite Loopback in action

Elite 2ch T-harness ACC high level into a Link100.1

Elite OEM Loopback Harness with Link6 & two amp set up

Elite T-harness

Already have your own sub and want to add them to your new car? You plan to add more amplifiers down the road? The Elite Harness was designed for you! Start small and grow based on your needs.

LLJ OEM Loopback Harness

This example we use amplifiers like the Link700.4 & Link1000.1 that take a high level input (speaker level). This means you don't need a pre amp like a Link4 or Link6 before going into the amplifiers.

Elite Base with 2ch T-harness ACC into an Link2 (sub installation)

The Elite Base + Accessory 2ch T-harness with LinkDQ

100% better than accubass! Truly reliable and DIY friendly tuning. Accubass is configured to change based on demand and that means, it can turn off at any given point, when the volume is lowered or too high and the signal becomes flat. The LinkDQ allows you to target the desired attenuation in the bass roll off and boost it back to a usable and noise free level that meets the needs for your subwoofer enclosure at any volume level and does not turn off like the Accubass.