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Welcome to our new Site We are adding some final touches. For other T-harnesses Options please visit Thank you
Welcome to our new Site We are adding some final touches. For other T-harnesses Options please visit Thank you

Elite Bose Factory Amplifier Loopback Harness Accessory

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Key Features

  • Abrasion resistant loom
  • Our Shock-Wire EMI blocking twisted pair wire
  • 300v PVC oil resistant jacket
  • Built in 10 amp Fuse for 12v+
  • Designed, Tested and Hand-built by us in the USA
  • Shock-Wire© EMI Twisted Speaker wire
  • 100% copper wire
  • Molex connectors for base connector
  • Labeled and color coded wires
Sold out
Original price $245.00 USD - Original price $370.00 USD
Original price
$245.00 USD
$245.00 USD - $370.00 USD
Current price $245.00 USD
Out of stock
Out of stock

The Elite 6ch Bose Loopback Harness Accessory was specifically designed to work and plug into the factory amplifier, making the process of installing an aftermarket amp much easier and quicker. This accessory is designed to work with vehicles that have a Bose, AKG,B&O or an Alpine amplified system. 

The harness will provide a total of 6 channels, the dash speakers, the front doors and the rear doors. In vehicles with a factory amplifier, the system is ran as an active system; with each speaker working off of its own individual channel off of the factory amp. Without affecting any of the features the amp or vehicle carries, the harness will provide the audio signal the factory amp is outputting and feed that into a processor or aftermarket amplifier (please check the input voltage on the aftermarket amp before wiring directly) and return the amplified signal back to the speakers. The Loopback Harness was designed to allow you to use your factory wiring when amplifying your speakers. Saving you time installing; no need to cut/splice into your vehicles wiring. 

The factory amplifier does have a much higher output than non-amplified vehicles. Most factory amps will output anywhere between 30-36v. You need to check BEFORE wiring the harness directly into your aftermarket amp, that your amp can indeed handle that input voltage. 

This harness can be customized and built to a full plug and play kit, for example:

  • If you’re adding a 6-channel amp that does not take a high level (minimum 32v) we offer a 6ch processor, a Link6. This will offer 6ch RCA out and remote turn on to the amp.
  • For easy tuning and installation, we offer several amplifier options, all of which can handle the high level and they have a built-in processor or DSP. An LC6.1200 and a D6.1200 will power all 6 channels in the vehicle and offer RCA out to a sub or sub amp. The LC Series has an analog processor built in (the LC7i technology) and the D Series has a built in DSP. 

You always have the option of using your own equipment. The harness can be wired to your own Processor or Amp (verify the input voltage before wiring directly). You can add Wire Ferrules or RCA to your harness, depending on what your equipment requires. 

If your vehicle DOES NOT have a factory amplified system (Factory Amplifier) this harness will NOT work. Please refer to our Elite 4ch Loopback Harness Accessory for non-amplified vehicles.

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