Elite Harness system layout

Base Connector | Accessory | Audio converter High to low (ALOC)

Ford Radio Base Harness Connector 2018-2025

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Key Features

  • The base connector is what connects to the factory audio source. EX: radio, factory amplifier)
  • Can be used with a T-harness or a Loopback harness accessory
  • Abrasion resistant loom
  • 100% OFC copper
  • Vehicle OEM connectors
  • Constant 12v +/-
  • Retains ALL Factory functions as they are
  • Designed, Tested and Hand-built by us.
  • 5 year warranty guaranteed

Price :

$65 USD
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This product is only available through our Custom Elite Harness Builder Program. (CEHBP)
Email: Support@lljcustoms.com
Text or schedule a call: 602-320-7004

Our Ford Elite 2018-2025 audio harness for newer Ford radio Sync3 & up is designed to work with a variety of Ford vehicles from an F150,250, Mustang, Explorer, etc. It comes available in both style, T-Harness and a Loopback Harness. If you are planning on adding a sub to your Ford we offer our T-Harness. You can add an LOC unit, like a LinkDQ, for a full plug and play set up.

If you’d like to amplify your doors or add multiple amps to your Ford vehicle we offer our Loopback Harness. This was designed to allow you to keep using the factory wiring, NO cutting, NO splicing. Add an amp quick and simple without ruining your vehicles wiring or voiding your warranty.

5 year LLJ Customs warranty badgeInstallation Video

This is the newest addition to our line of harness, designed for the Non-Amplified system in select 2018-2023 Ford vehicles. As a part of our Elite Series, this harness comes in 2 styles, a T-Harness and a Loopback Harness. This option is an all-in-on solution for the ultimate DIY’er.. After 3 years, developing our own wire and combining LOC’s, processors, DSP’s and companies like Audio Control and Rockford Fosgate, who offer amplifiers with a high level input signal. By combining these top shelf solutions for the 12V market you can get an entire system upgrade at the same price of a factory head unit upgrade alone. 

* 5 Year Warranty 

* Verify connector behind Radio Receiver (Restock Fee may apply)

* Qualifies for Buy Back Program.


Vehicle Year Fitment Guide:

Explorer -all models (Non B&O or Sony)- 2019-2023

Escape- all models (Non B&O or Sony)-2019-2021

F-150,250,350,450- all models (Non B&O or Sony)-2020-2022

Bronco-all models (Non B&O or Sony) 2021-up

Maverick - 2022 (Non B&O or Sony)


Please make sure to select the correct and matching options . Our FAQ section is short and to the point, have a look and feel free to text or email us with any questions you may have! 602-320-7004 just give us some time to get back to you .Thank you


** 2ch/4ch T-Harnesses  with no units currently have a 12-15 business day lead time, T-Harnesses with a unit currently have a 20-25 business day lead time. **

 **Loopback Harness currently have a 30-35 business day lead time, this timeframe can vary depending on customizations . **
Please verify the connector in the vehicle BEFORE placing an order. All Base Connectors that need to be returned, refunded or canceled due to the connector not being verified will have a Restocking Fee of $15. The connectors need to be in the exact same condition as they were sent in. Any damage or alterations made will void all exchanges and returns.

BC Fitment and Installation Notes

Vehicle Fitment


  • 2020-2024 | FORD | BRONCO | None amplified
  • 2020-2024 | FORD | BRONCO SPORT | None amplified
  • 2020-up | FORD | F-150 | None amplified
  • 2020-up | FORD | F-250 | None amplified
  • 2020-up | FORD | F-350 | None amplified
  • 2020-up | FORD | F-450 | None amplified
  • 2020-up | FORD | RANGER | None amplified
  • 2020-up | FORD | FLEX | None amplified
  • 2020-up | FORD | FOCUS | None amplified
  • 2020-up | FORD | FUSION | None amplified
  • 2020-up | FORD | MUSTANG | None amplified
  • 2021-up | FORD | MUSTANG Mach 1 | None amplified
  • 2020-up | FORD | TAURUS | None amplified
  • 2020-up | FORD | EDGE | None amplified
  • 2020-up | FORD | ESCAPE | None amplified
  • 2020-up | FORD | EXPEDITION | None amplified
  • 2020-up | FORD | EXPLORER | None amplified



  • 2022-up | LINCOLN | Z | None amplified
  • 2019-2024 | LINCOLN | CORSAIR | None amplified
  • 2024 | LINCOLN | NAUTILUS | None amplified
  • 2021 | LINCOLN | NAVIGATOR | None amplified
  • 2021 | LINCOLN | NAVIGATOR L | None amplified
BC connection location




Behind center dash climate controls below radio screen

Installation/Tuning & Notes

LLJ Elite System Installation Manual

Color Code Card & Bass Roll-off info


  • This will not work with vehicles equipped with factory Sony or Bang & Olufsen amplified system.  
  • Harness ordered with an LOC/Processor includes a remote turn on cable. 
  • Chimes will not be affected.
  • ForScan can be used to EQ any factory signal via the OBD2

Elite T-harness Accessory Options-ETA

-Must Have a Base Connector to use this Accessory (BC)

The question is always what is the difference between the T-harness and the Loopback and the simple answer is, the T-harness is ideal for adding a Subwoofer only/mono amp or in a situation where you plan to run your own wires from the aftermarket amp to your new speakers. More information in the next page.

Elite LoopBack Accessory Options-ELA

-Must Have a Base Connector to use this Accessory

Our Loopback is simply the best option for any installation. Not just do you get the SIGNAL from the factory source unit but it also comes with 12v DC +/- to power your LOC or DSP. It also has a RETURN side that feeds from your aftermarket amps output, back to the factory speaker locations via the factory wires. The Loopback can also be tied together at the end, closing the loop in essence making a T-harness so you can start small and grow without needing to buy more.

Elite GX:500 S.I.K Options

Our S.I.K kits were the first of their kind to ever exists in the 12volt market. A solution long needed but never provided. "You need new speaker wire," was always the answer. That's no longer true. Increase the output and performance of your factory system in under 30 minutes. Our design places the aftermarket amplifier in the middle of your Elite Harness System.

Take the factory signal modify, tune, amplify and right back to the factory speaker locations. The amps we provide as a choice, we have used over the years and know they will work well in the particular function. Meaning all you have to do is plug in connect power and enjoy. Furthermore if you want to add an amplifier for subs we offer the option to add an Active LOC to your harness for future integration. Check out more below.

-Most Have a Base Connector to use this Accessory

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What Is High Level or Low level?

High level : AKA Speaker level is an amp that can handle an input voltage of 8-40v. This high output is common in factory amplified vehicles or where the
max voltage of a head unit is more then 10v. This is normally identified by a pigtail connection point or via the RCA on the amplifier (must check user manual to verify.) Some amps have a switch for this. NOT all amps have this future.

Low Level : is 0-8v of signal voltage. This is most commonly found inaftermarket head units. or other aftermarket units that use can-bus. Most passive LOC units output 0-5v so they are considered a low level and are normally RCA to RCA. Modern day ACTIVE LOC units can output 0-10v of signal.

In conclusion an LOC works as an in line filter that lest you control the signal, its intercity and in some cases the playable frequency range.

If your amp takes a high level and it is within the vehicles factory output range then you dont need an loc unit and can wire in and out of your amp
directly. In some fords the signal can be flattened at the OB2 furthering the simplification of the installation.

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