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Welcome to our new Site We are adding some final touches. For other T-harnesses Options please visit Thank you
Welcome to our new Site We are adding some final touches. For other T-harnesses Options please visit Thank you

Elite 4ch OEM Loopback Harness Accessory

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Key Features

  • Abrasion resistant loom
  • Our Shock-Wire EMI blocking twisted pair wire
  • 300v PVC oil resistant jacket
  • Built in 10 amp Fuse for 12v+
  • Designed, Tested and Hand-built by us in the USA
  • Shock-Wire© EMI Twisted Speaker wire
  • 100% copper wire
  • Molex connectors for base connector
  • Labeled and color coded wires
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Original price
$225.00 USD
$225.00 USD - $225.00 USD
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Introducing our Elite Loopback Harness Accessory: The Seamless Solution for Adding a 4+ Channel Amp to Your Speaker System!

Are you looking to upgrade your audio system with a 4+ channel amplifier for your speakers? Our Elite Loopback Harness Accessory is designed specifically for this purpose, eliminating the need to run new wires to each speaker location. With our innovative Loopback Harness, you can utilize your vehicle's factory wiring, saving you valuable time during installation and eliminating the need for cutting or splicing.

Customizable and Convenient: We understand that every audio system setup is unique, which is why our Elite Loopback Harness Accessory can be customized and built to create a full plug and play kit. Let's explore some examples of how our accessory can be tailored to your specific needs:

  1. Link4 for 4-Channel Amps: If you're adding a 4-channel amp that requires a minimum high-level input voltage, our Link4 processor is the ideal choice. It offers 4-channel RCA outputs and a remote turn-on for seamless integration with your amplifier.

  2. Link6 for Speaker and Sub Amps: For a setup with a 4-channel speaker amp and a 2-channel sub amp, our Link6 is the perfect solution. It provides 4-channel RCA outputs for the speaker amp, 2-channel RCA outputs for the sub amp, and remote turn-on signals for both amps.

  3. Amplifier Options for Easy Tuning: We offer a range of amplifier options that are designed for easy tuning and installation. These amplifiers can take high-level inputs and come with built-in processors. For example, our LC5.1300 amplifier can power your doors while offering RCA outputs for a sub or sub amplifier.

Compatibility and Versatility: We understand that customers may have their own preferred equipment. That's why our Elite Loopback Harness Accessory can be wired to your own processor or amp, provided that the input voltage requirements are verified. Additionally, the harness can be customized with wire ferrules or RCA connections to accommodate the specific requirements of your equipment.

Seamless Transition with Elite System: Our Elite Loopback Harness Accessory was designed to seamlessly integrate with our Elite T-Harness system. If you initially started with subs only and used our Elite T-Harness, you can easily upgrade to the Loopback Harness without purchasing an entirely new harness. This flexibility allows you to expand and enhance your sound system with ease.

Upgrade your audio system effortlessly with our Elite Loopback Harness Accessory and enjoy the amplified sound experience you desire!


**This will NOT work for vehicles with a factory amplified system. **