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Welcome to our new Site We are adding some final touches. For other T-harnesses Options please visit Thank you
Welcome to our new Site We are adding some final touches. For other T-harnesses Options please visit Thank you

When it comes to RCA cables there is a plenty of fish in the sea but some fish just taste better than others and that is the case here. Our In-house RCA cables are cooked with special ingredients that make Our RCA cables one of a kind. 

We all know that using a cheap pair of RCA cables will create hissing and allow interference from other electronics and wires that are ran next to them. So with every problem, a solution is needed. For years the car audio industry has banked on selling low, ok and "High Quality" styles of RCA that claim to do this or that. 

That, in 9 out of 11 cases is just not true ! They simply don't use the proper type of cable and RCA connector mix . We Took it back to 1836 when Michael Faraday, who invented the Faraday Cage, "An enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields". And applied that basic idea to our wire! In doing so we have created a true EMI Electromagnetic interference safe RCA cable at the best price for the first time !

"(EMI) is a phenomenon that may occur when an electronic device is exposed to an electromagnetic (EM) field. Any device that has electronic circuitry can be susceptible to EMI. ... Emissions are a measure of electromagnetic energy from a radio frequency source."

Then we took it 3 more steps up! We added balanced wire so even at a distance of over 50 feet you have a 0.4 Ohm of resistance ! Our wire test at 0.2-.5 ohms, that means less signal loss that you can benefit from! A good signal is extremely important, it will dictate how hard you & your amplifier will have to work to produce a quality signal that you are happy amplifying. The better the signal the faster the tuning and a more efficient amplifier. 

As if that didn't have you questioning why you would ever purchase anything other then Shock-Wire RCA's. We decided to go with full metal . This means additional area for EMI to disperse and make contact with ground, isolating it from the signal.

As always you are free to customize the length and color and yes we do have a fee for that and as always our 5 year warranty ! If you have any questions please let us know. 

All LLJ products have a 5 year warranty.


Our designs are not just original they are both cost effective and durable.


We work very hard to be original and design products that look nice but are affordable. Unfortunately some have taken advantage of our designs to over charge.

Because we know you wont need it

But just in case you do its there.

Function meets quality

We believe everything you buy should be an investment. With this in mind me manufacture products you can reuse .to maximize your investment.