Chevy GMC subwoofer T-harness Aqua/Tan 2019-2024 (None amplified) R2G

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Key Features

  • LOC Unit is only pre-wired if one is selected below
  • Audio Turn-On (prevents turn on/off pop)
  • High grade aluminum case
  • Shock-Wire© twisted speaker wire
  • 100% copper 
  • 300v oil/fire resistant wire jacket
  • 5 year warranty 
  • Distortion detection 
  • 10v+ of signal output 
  • T-harness is 18-20 inches end to end
  • 12v remote turn on for amp 
  • 1000% plug and play 
  • Abrasion resistant loom
  • TESA Taped to fit OEM   
  • OEM fitment guarantee 

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GM factory radio integration harness that truly works. Our plug and play T-harnesses are guaranteed to deliver the signal you need for adding quality bass. The T-harness and active processor options we pre-selected for you will over deliver, every time. The patented technology means no turn-on pop when using the audio turn on feature. As well as no dead radio screen, given that we just use the audio and don't mess with the canbus system. Other features like clip detection let you know when the signal you're using from your vehicle is starting to bottom out and introduce distortion. Some other benefits are: 

* Harness is 18 inches in length and will come pre terminated and wired to the Unit if one is selected selected otherwise it will be just wires and ferrules.*


If you’d like to amplify your doors or add multiple amps to your Ford vehicle we offer our Elite Loopback Harness. This was designed to allow you to keep using the factory wiring, NO cutting, NO splicing. Add an amp quick and simple without ruining your vehicles wiring or voiding your warranty.

*For the Non-Bose, Non-Factory Amplified system the connectors will be located behind the glove box, above the kick panel. This harness is for the Aqua and Tan connector, please verify this is what the vehicle has. They are not interchangeable; ordering the wrong color may cause delays in your install by needing to exchange the harness. In the Colorado, the connector will be behind the screen.*

    Please verify the plug behind the radio module BEFORE ORDERING a restocking fee will apply. Thank you 

    ** Harness will ships 1-3 business days after ordering when ordered with NO Unit. If you added a unit we need to attach it and test it. This, and the number of  orders ahead that require attachment, increase the lead time range to 5-13 business days  **

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    Shock wire EMI blocking twisted pair

    When it comes to running wires down your vehicle in-between other wires especially along larger power wires, you run the risk of introducing Electro Magnetic Interference or EMI. This has been known for years and shops, to this day, try to use speed wire in an attempt to save time and money. It was not until we called them out for the "cheap" practices that they started to twist signal wires but continue to use silicone jacketed wire, and copper tined aluminum wire that is not true OFC. That attracts static. Shock-wire is the only true quality wire that blocks EMI and is 100% copper in the 12v industry.

    Imports are on the way!

    One of the many advantages of being our customer is that you dont just get the best of all worlds. Because we develop our product in house and test on all the vehicles meaning, we know the answer to your questions, First hand.

    Best Active Line Output Converter For installing Subwoofers (LOC) :

    The Wavtech BassRESTOR is best discribed as an all in one solution for both repaiering and adding bass in situations where the factory system does not have bass or where the bass is rolled off to protect the factory speakers from damage at high volumes.

    see what else we have ..

    What Is High Level or Low level?

    High level : AKA Speaker level is an amp that can handle an input voltage of 8-40v. This high output is common in factory amplified vehicles or where the
    max voltage of a head unit is more then 10v. This is normally identified by a pigtail connection point or via the RCA on the amplifier (must check user manual to verify.) Some amps have a switch for this. NOT all amps have this future.

    Low Level : is 0-8v of signal voltage. This is most commonly found inaftermarket head units. or other aftermarket units that use can-bus. Most passive LOC units output 0-5v so they are considered a low level and are normally RCA to RCA. Modern day ACTIVE LOC units can output 0-10v of signal.

    In conclusion an LOC works as an in line filter that lest you control the signal, its intercity and in some cases the playable frequency range.

    If your amp takes a high level and it is within the vehicles factory output range then you dont need an loc unit and can wire in and out of your amp
    directly. In some fords the signal can be flattened at the OB2 furthering the simplification of the installation.

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