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With the Elite Harness System we will be bringing back our original custom harness styles and options, along with on the phone ordering and tech support. With T-harness OEM Integration your order is always in stock and already made. The sites are built to educate so take a look around.

2013-2024 GM Factory Bose amplifier T-harness R2G

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Some product are exclusive to LLJ Customs and will only be available in store for pickup or via our CEHBP via the new tech support line. Limited orders will be accepted first come first served. (ex: Elite harness system© ,Pair-runner wire guide)

Shock wire EMI blocking twisted pair

When it comes to running wires down your vehicle in-between other wires especially along larger power wires, you run the risk of introducing Electro Magnetic Interference or EMI. This has been known for years and shops, to this day, try to use speed wire in an attempt to save time and money. It was not until we called them out for the "cheap" practices that they started to twist signal wires but continue to use silicone jacketed wire, and copper tined aluminum wire that is not true OFC. That attracts static. Shock-wire is the only true quality wire that blocks EMI and is 100% copper in the 12v industry.

Best Active Line Output Converter For installing Subwoofers (LOC) :

The Wavtech BassRESTOR is best discribed as an all in one solution for both repaiering and adding bass in situations where the factory system does not have bass or where the bass is rolled off to protect the factory speakers from damage at high volumes.