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A setup that hits hard, without getting robbed.🤷‍♂️

Our BOSS Kits are top of the line all in one solutions that install in minutes and are proven to plug in and work. Just need to be tuned, tested and sent home✌

OEM Receiver Replacement

Sometimes you just want a bigger screen with Android Auto or Apple Play. Maybe you want the built in EQ or 50 Watt x 4 built in amplifier that comes built into most aftermarket units on the market now.

Step 1: Equipment

When it comes to changing out the factory radio the options are .. well limitless. But also, can add up fast especially when you are keeping factory functions like Steering wheel controls (SWC), Warning features, and/or Cameras. Normally you need an adapter harness / device, the radio, the dash adapter for mounting, Antenna or USB adapter cables along with any other parts that may be required to accomplish the installation.

Step 2: Installation

Even though you wont see what we do in the background, If you ever did take a look we would want you to feel proud of choosing us to handle your installation ! Everything we do is installed to come back out with little to no alterations to the factory equipment. We take our time and charge by the job or hourly depending on the task. Doing thing right takes time and we look to attract customers that want it done right over fast or twice.

Step 3: Testing

The most important part of adding equipment to a vehicle is making sure ALL the factory functions are operational and integrating with any new equipment. After tuning the system we will take the vehicle through our punch out check list to make sure that everything that was working is still working. All of our labor is backed by our 5 year warranty some parts my also be covered.

Our Custom ANL Mounts

Our ANL mounts are made from fire resistant ABS and come included in our power kits that are vehicle specific. A by-product of our Automotive Amp Rack designs, our ANL Fuse mounts exceed all expectations when it comes to engine bay wire management.

Harness repair

Some just dont care and some dont know better and unfortunately OEM harnes repair is a job we have to do more often than we should have to. Clearly plug and play solutions exist!

The down sides of Cutting your OEM harness 🤑

Cutting your wires means you will have to fix it later or leave the equipment in the vehicle if you sell it. it also means a dealership will have an excuse to not warranty your parts.

How We Fix it 😎

We look at what is needed to set it back to factory. Wire, solder and heat shrink are basics then we loom or tape depending on the location of the wire bundle.

Like it never happened 😉

We stock it all down to the plastic wire management caps !

Ever wish you could get your hands on the parts we use?

Some are hardcore, Do It Yourselfers and we respect that, that's why we make the parts we use available to you in our store. Fuses, threaded inserts, ABS, Fabrics ,wire, ends no matter what it is we have it.

Services we offer

and a few we wont post because the copycats are watching 🤣
System Tuning

Tuning a system is like flying a plane. if you dont know what you're looking for or at you're not going anywhere. Tuning an audio system adequately requires diagnostics and doing some math. We use a mix of tools like multimeters to read outputs, DMRTA's or an oscilloscope to look at frequencies and determine crossover points.

Factory radio replacement
Factory amplifier replacement
Custom Plastic sheet work

Acrylic, ABS, PVC, HDPE, Polycarbonate cut and shape.

Fiberglass and molding

From custom dash panels and small parts to full carbon fiber hoods we can can make anything!

Subwoofer enclosures Pre fab and custom
3d printing & vacuum forming
Factory harness repair

Did you take it to the shop with the "best deals in town" now your audio cuts out when you turn your AC on? We can fix it 😎

Sounds deadening

When you think of sound deadening think of a music studio, if ambient noise didn't matter then why spend thousands on padding the walls and ceiling? 🧐

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