Our inspiration for the Pair runner comes from the Masterminds at KINGPIN UNIVERSITY in the very hot desert of Nevada USA. The clean wires system as it is called, was the first wire management ruler system to exist. Industrial Automotive Amp Rack Art are (as we call it) was born! A fantastic step in the right direction came to our mind when we discovered this system. We understood that for years many had to do this by hand and nothing more, our system is not just a wire ruler. Our Pair Runner, however, seeks to set the bar in a new direction or brush stroke: if you will.

Many evolutions have taken place from the first in-car radio in 1922 by no other than Chevrolet  and not available commercially until 1930 , cuz they petty 😉. To the invention of the ziptie in 1958, we felt it was time to take the next step! The Pair Runner is not just a wire guide that offers multiple options of wire management it offers multiple sizes to maintain a minimal show of drill holes in close spaces or the fact that it is made out of 1/4 aluminum and iodized in our Lightening Strike Blue! It's also a:

  • Circle jig, 8 circles in 2 inch increments
  • 17.5" straight edge 
  • Weapon 
  • It will also be your guide to our Spider System© coming 11/01/2021.

Its really a tool for life; of a skill that will hopefully be passed down from one generation to another. We believe in tools that work for you! Not something you will need to rebuy after a few uses. Our soft aluminum build means it will last you a long time. No matter the environment or age, it means low wear and tear on your bits, it means durability. The system will continue to grow into numerus shapes and platforms like amp spec guides. We have big plans for the Car Audio industry in all of our platforms; especially in the way we express our dedication and time to a good run, no matter the distance. Check out the system below ! 


Have any feedback please let us know ! IT MATTERS    

3 products found in Pair Runner Series

90° LLJ Pair Runner
  • $25.98 USD

Pair Runner

8" LLJ Pair Runner
  • $40.98 USD

Pair Runner

17.5" LLJ Pair Runner
  • $75.00 USD

Pair runner