When it comes to Quality audio you can't beat the reliability of Soundskins! Any true automotive audio enthusiast will tell you that sound deadener is a must and if trust is in short supply, look no further then the walls of a recording studio. Spend more time enjoying your audio and less time sounding like a soda can blowing in the wind or maybe you like to keep the road noise out on the road and not mixing tracks with your jams!
Either way Soundskins is the answer and then some. So maybe you're thinking, why is Soundskins so special? Well not just do they offer top quality materials like water resistant glue, mold resistant padding/foam, all heat resistant with wax paper to help ease the installation process but that also offers Custom Cut vehicle specific kits. 
Oh yeah we said it custom kits! We didn't add Soundskins because it works great, looks amazing or even because it turns your vehicle into a studio. We did it because they care about their customers. They found a way to expand their line without stealing ideas or labeling; making the same product in 2 different colors and calling it premium so they can upcharge. They did it to benefit the customer and that is why LLJ is happy to exclusively sell Soundskins automotive sound deadening! 


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