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The following are guidelines you can use to optimize your installation and avoid surprises or down time. This is based on customer feedback and years of hands on experience. We are here to help, not to push products you dont need. 😁
GM | GMC | Cadilac | Buick

-None Factory Amplified Vehicles: The BC will connect at the radio or HMI unit that can be located behind the screen on 2014-2018 models or behind the glove box on select 2018-2024 models.

-Factory Amplified with Bose: The Bose factory amplifier has a signal output of 0-36V and will require an LOC or Amplifier capable of high level input, with that voltage range. The Bose amp can be found in the trunk on either the LEFT or RIGHT side, behind the beauty panels in all Sedans & SUV's. It will be located on the back wall in all Pick-ups equipped with Bose. Some crossovers will have the amp under the center console BUT it can also be the ANC mixxer, in that situation your BC will connect behind the glove box.

-Factory Amplified with Pioneer: Select 2013-2015 vehicles with the Pioneer amplifier will have it under the steering wheel to the left. (black metal box)

Ford | Lincon

-None Factory Amplified Vehicles: Ford is by far one of the most universal when it comes to parts across their different models. The radio connection can be found behind the screen, below the AC controls (CD player/radio unit). This is a 6x6x4 metal box independent of the screen. Keep in mind, that you can use a FORScan to flatten your EQ and/or delete your ANC. If you plan on replacing the factory speakers, keep in mind that load resistors may be needed. ALL LOCs we offer have load resistance built-in. However if going high level into an amp, you will need to add resistors before the amp.

-Factory Amplified with B&O: The B&O amp can be located behind glove box, behind the fuse access panel. Amps will have branding labels.

-Factory Amplified with Sony: The Sony Amp can be found on the back wall, behind the driver side rear seat. Amps will have branding labels.

Dodge | JEEP | RAM | Fiat

-None Factory Amplified Vehicles: Dodge, Jeep, RAM, Fiat are keeping it classic and leaving the radio connection behind the radio screen. If you plan on replacing the factory speakers, keep in mind that load resistors may be needed. ALL LOCs we offer have load resistance built-in. However, if going high level into an amp you will need to add resistors before the amp.

-Factory Amplified with Alpine: The Alpine amplifier can be found under the steering wheel, to the left or under either of the front seats. This amp is small and can be silver or black, depending on if you have the 9 or 12 speaker system. The ANC bypass (copied by PAC/Stinger and sold for more) will also plug in here.

Toyota | Mazda | Subaru | Lexus

Coming March 2023

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Vehicle Factory Amplifier
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Elite 4ch Loopback Harness Accessory
Elite 4ch Loopback Harness Accessory
$75 USD
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Elite 6ch Factory Amplifier Loopback Harness Accessory
Elite 6ch Factory Amplifier Loopback Harness Accessory
$95 USD

Elite GX:500 S.I.K Options

Our S.I.K kits were the first of their kind to market. A solution long needed but never provided. Increase the output and performance of your factory system in under 30 minutes. The amp is built into the harness. Meaning all you have to do is plug in, connect power and tune.

-Picture is the Original GX:500 back in 2017. 84,507 of them sold to date. 9/08/2022 85 sent back for replacement. The Elite System will let you take this beauty to your next vehicle.

Elite FS:1000 S.I.K Options

This kit is ideal for customers who want the experience, without the work of running wires through door jams or up the dash. Unlike the copy cats, our kits ARE 100% plug and play, use our top of the line designs and materials. We dont use over priced "branded" speaker wire or cheap expanded PVC board. Our Kits are made like our harnesses, with durability, performance, and perfection in mind. Our kits are built using our Shock Wire 0 loss RCA and fire resistant ABS. Not to mention metallic, threaded plastic inserts, so you can remove or replace equipment and not worry about damage to the Amp Rack.

-A product that did not exist on the market until we made it available to you. The OG S.I.K, this kit was hand-delivered and installed in California for our customer.

The OG's Since 2013!

We do it right because anything less is pointless!

Sep 2015 First ever Automotive Amp Rack Proto

Perfection is who we are. Not what we do 😉 Why drill into a $65,000 Truck? Over $72? haha NO

Do your research & ask for pictures.

We get a lot of bad publicity because customers dont want to read the information or ask a question and we understand you may not want to wait. I as the owner, deeply apologize but before you come back 2 months later with pictures like the above, do some research. There are other companies that work very hard to provide great solutions like IDataLink and others who do a great job. Purchase based on facts and what you need, not what a company is paying someone to sell you. Big brands can spend what they do in advertisement for a reason. Here to help 😊

Its not personal, our shits just better 🤣

Listen, it's the confidence we have in our products and the companies we offer, that brings you our 5 year warranty on all of the products sold here and installed at our shop. Its also why we developed solutions like the ELITE Harness system and EBBP program (something never done in our industry) that provides a solution you don't have to re-buy for every new vehicle, especially if you lease it. Its about solutions that work, not cost an arm and a leg or break more when they fail.